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who is treosha blue?

certified everywhere, check my resume!

A Digital Marketing Specialist who is human 🙍🏿, helpful 💁🏿, and holistic 🙆🏾.

Independent and self-motivated to work and learn, able to work as a part of a team, lead others, communicate effectively with clients, team members, and public.

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I AM....
👉🏿 A Self-Starter who can manage projects in a timely manner.
👉🏿 Loves a Challenge. I can look at things from a different perspective.
👉🏿 Flexible and Adaptability. I keep up with industry trends and practices, stay current with technology.
👉🏿 A passion for learning. Taking refresher courses on important topics.
👉🏿 Desire to help grow other businesses. Build brands and increase conversions and sales.
👉🏿 Communication Skills. Building relationships and establishing trust.
👉🏿 Leadership and Management. The ability to collaborate and work with others.
👉🏿 Trustworthy, Reliable, and Dedicated. Complete projects on time and according to plan.
👉🏿 Strategic and Analytical Thinking. Develop a Digital Marketing campaign to produce results.

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true blue collaborations, Digital marketing specialist

December 2008 - Present

  • 🌐 Digital Marketing Specialist

    ✅ Analyze digital data to draw key recommendations
    ✅ Conduct social media audits to ensure best practices are being used
    ✅ Maintain digital dashboard of several different accounts
    ✅ Coordinate with sales team or business owner to create marketing campaigns
    ✅ Prepare emails to send out to customers
    ✅ Monitor key online marketing metrics to track success
    ✅ Ensure that the brand message is consistent

    🌐 Digital Marketing Strategist

    ✅ Works within an organization to identify unmet needs, goals, opportunities and challenges of all departments and aspects of the business
    ✅ Create and oversee the execution of a plan through specific initiatives to meet the objectives of the strategy
    ✅ Develop and evolve ideas to bring together brand goals, objectives and consumer needs

    🌐 Content Creator

    ✅ Create content such as emails, social media messages, blogs and ebooks
    ✅ Participate in planning and strategizing for inbound marketing campaign execution including content, content schedule, platforms and measurements
    ✅ Develop benchmarks and goals for each campaign and ensure they are reached
    ✅ Develop content for promotion
    ✅ Learn and use inbound marketing technique and software
    ✅ Generate new ideas and opportunities to ensure client success

    🗣 Treosha, Thank you for your dedication and commitment to my business! Your Professionalism and Creative Consistency has catapulted my Social Media presence! You are The Best Social Media Manager ever!!! check out her content on my #instagram page @aghenterprisesllc . You are appreciated!-Alana Harrison, Owner of AGH Enterprises, LLC

the advocate, multimedia inside sales representative

October 2012 - May 2018

  • ✳️ Responsible for providing customer service to individuals who submit leave-related help tickets
    ✳️ Researched and troubleshoot issues for customers in order for them to be resolved in a timely manner
    ✳️ Knowledgeable about the vendors systems used such as Adicio, AppVault, AutoConx, Kaango, Real Match and Wave 2.
    ✳️ Assist customers with online products that best fit their needs, which will help them in recruitment, business promotions and merchandise selling.
    ✳️ Lead, coach and motivate sales team to consistently meet and exceed monthly sales objectives.
    ✳️ Resolve customer issues and escalations while maintaining a positive and professional attitude to ensure customer retention and increase the rate of win-back customers.
    ✳️ Conceptualized and designed an employment package called ‘Jobs Madness’ which resulted in exceeding sales target over $25,000 in just 8 days. At the end of the package the sales team generated over $130,000 in digital and print revenue.
    ✳️ Mentored and coached sales team which resulted in exceeding revenues over $40,000 from utilizing community pages.

    🗣"Handles responsibility well, team player, organized, dependable, quick learner, careful attention to details. She will be an sett to whatever company that hires her." --Toni Templet, Director of Operations.

  • ✳️ Maintained a high-volume workload within a fast paced environment and sold print ads, online upgrades, special sections and community pages to various clients directly.
    ✳️ Assisted customers by explaining the Classified Verticals, advised on best products that helps them increase their customer base in the Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and Lafayette markets.
    ✳️ Generated over $14,000 exceeding revenue by giving clients an opportunity to promote their business with just $100. Some of the prestigious clients included Pamper Your Pet, Rejuvenate in July, Gulf Coast Getaways, Top Realtor, and Antiques.

    🗣 "Treosha Blue is a great workers who has great ideas, including sales themes, team motivation and a passion for Social Media."--Brenda Ross, Classified Inside Sales Manager

    🗣 "As a friend and former co-worker I know Treosha well. She's honest, hard working and super dependable. She is a definite team player, a go-getter, super intelligent, smart and has an overall kind spirit. Ms. Blue is an asset to any company because she's a quick learner, she grasp concepts well and once she understands the job, she gives good insight on how to make the job better."--G. Paulette James, LASERS

various jobs, recession

February 2012 - October 2012

  • ✨During this time⏰ I experienced sporadic employment. I worked several jobs in customer service most of them temporary Jobs⏳.

    ✨East Baton Rouge Parish School Board/ Transportation Office, Baton Rouge, LA
    📞Call Center Representative💁🏾

    ✳️ Received callers providing exceptional listening skills to determine the nature of their call in order to clearly and precisely address the inquiries in a professional manner.
    ✳️ Assisted administratively by typing letters, memos, and reports. Maintained quality control constantly seeking new ways to improve call service.

    ✨Hamilton Relay Services, Baton Rouge, LA
    🗣Re-Voicing Specialist

    ✳️ Worked as a re-voicing specialist for hearing impaired customers. Provided assistance by carefully listening to the speech patterns uttered by an individual with a speech disability.
    ✳️ Used lip-reading and attention to other cues if necessary for full understanding of the utterances, and then repeat the same words in a manner that is more clear and understandable.

quadel consulting, housing specialist/advisor

August 2006 - March 2009

  • ✳️ QUADEL CONSULTING💁🏿 contracted to help create and implement policy for Louisiana's Road Home Program to help people recover from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

    ✳️ APPLICANT ASSISTANCE SPECIALIST💁🏿 Assist applicants, who applied to The Road Home Program, through a call center on where they were in the application process.

    ✳️ POLICY SPECIALIST💁🏿Explained the Road Home Program to applicants as well as how their grants were calculated

  • ✳️ QUADEL CONSULTING💁🏿Contracted to help created and implement policy for Louisiana's Road Home Program to help people recover from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

    ✳️ INTAKE SPECIALIST💁🏿Explained the program to over 100 applicants. Help them organize their documents as well as scanned and upload them to a CD. Fingerprint and Photograph them for government grants. As Intake specialist I was the first point of contact with the applicant as they entered the center. I would explain the program to them and the collect the documents. I would then finger print and photograph for governments.

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