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Passion. Experience. Diligence.


If you don't know by now (I mean you are on I am Treosha Blue. I am from Baton Rouge, La and I work for the local newspaper.  My passions are education (I'm a lifelong learner), reading (I love to read) and television (Reality, Sitcom, Procedural and News. Don't judge me I've learned a lot and I have had some of my best ideas watching television). To some this could be a odd combination but somehow it comes all together for me. As far as experience most of work history has been situations that I have been thrown into and rose to the occasion often through acquiring knowledge. Diligence has been a constant pillar in my life. Sometimes you got to keep moving even though everything around you is falling apart. 


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Treosha Blue

My name is Treosha (Tree-o-sha) Blue (yes, like the color)! I come from the trees and the ocean (I come from Joyce and Ricky Blue).  



Nanodegree, Digital Marketing

B.A., Political Science


• Gladiator, Scandal (I watched all seasons)
• Ravensclaw, Pottermore (they told me this is my house)
• Superior 5k Participant (I walked a couple)