Treosha is a valuable asset to our team.She goes above and beyond the call of duty for the sake of the department. She is our Social Media Princess. Glad to have her on my team.
— Brenda Ross, The Advocate

Treosha Blue is a remarkable young women with a passion for her people and a person who continuously fights for equal rights and equal opportunities for all. Her platforms gives life to important topics/issues and she is definitely a future leader in Baton Rouge.
— Jamaal Williams, MPA

Treosha is one of the loyalist and kindest people I know and have ever met in my 55 years. She’s young, smart, innovative and forward thinking, witty, a great listener and just plain nice to be around!
— Paulette James, Former Advocate co-worker

Treosha is setting a platform for real and open discussions about subjects that matter. When I was on the show [Black People Speak Podcast] we discussed important issues as it relates to black women like healthcare, premature birth and how society views and treats us. I enjoyed giving my opinion and sharing my experiences during the podcast.
— Kheri Monks, Gem's Mother #IAMHereForGem

I love talking to her and I love seeking out her advice as it has been very valuable to my own life and business aspirations.
— Niaja Jackson, NaturallyNiajaJ