With Friends Like These....

Over the past month I have embarked on a project that I have had on my mind for a couple of years but I was to afraid to do it. I would often tell myself, "Treosha, who the hell are you to create a website to promote yourself. Most people don't do that unless they have a business or a brand or something to promote." I couldn't shake this idea so this year I decided to act on it and see what happened. I created a space called Endorsements and asked some of my closest friends to give me a 1 or 2 lines describing our working relationship.  I really didn't expect them to do this because they are busy and why would they take the time for little ole me. But sometimes you got to shoot your shot. What happen was amazing because I saw how the saw me and I must say that it felt pretty damn good.  

I wanted my first blog post on treoshablue.com to be about four people who took the time to share their thoughts about me. I want to thank you all and I am so grateful to have met and know each and everyone of you.  

Jamaal Williams

I met Jamaal in 2006 working for the Road Home Program.  He looked older than he was (no shots here friend) but he was only a year older than me. He had already had a Master's and was one of the supervisors in the program.  We hit it off immediately after I asked him to show me some form of idea (because I didn't believe he was a year older than me) still no shade.  He was so mature for his age but we became fast friends.  When he moved on to bigger and better things we still remained in touch.  He has always been there to motivate me and encourages me to execute ideas even when they are crazy.  

Paulette James

I met Paulette in 2012 when she was in a pivotal point in her life.  She had been in car accident that changed her life.  We were having our employee Thanksgiving dinner and I had just started at the company a month before. I didn't know her but several of my new co-workers talked about her often. She was in a wheel chair then but as I walked past her she stopped and introduced herself. As I was going to shake her hand so told me that she only gave hugs.  She has been such an inspiration to me in the five plus years that I have known her. I literally watched go from a wheel chair to a walker to walking on her own free will.  Shortly after she regained her ability to walk she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer (another blow).  She didn't wallow in it but she had faith that she would beat it and she did.  She is always a reminder to keep fighting.

Kheri Monks

I have known Kheri for a very long time through church.  We also attended the same high school. I am glad that we have been able to keep tabs on each other through social media.  Kheri has this way of sharing moments in a spectacular way.  When she became a "Feyonce" and when she became pregnant.  When the birth of daughter, Gem's arrival didn't go as planned but she bravely shared (and continues) her story.  She has become an advocate for many women who are going through similar situation by constantly showing them that it does get better. 

Niaja Jackson

I met Niaja in 2006 working for the Road Home Program. One of the things that I will always remember is that she tells people that her birthday is 3 days after the birth of Jesus.  She is a women of God and her faith is like a tree planted by water (it will not be moved).  Niaja is one of my favorite people to talk to because she challenges me to look at things differently.  When I met her she was a newly wed and now she is a mother of two.  Niaja was reclaiming her time before the congresswomen, Maxine Waters made it a catch phrase. 

Each of these people I have met in different stages of my life (you never know why but God sends who you need) and they continue to inspire me.