35 Years, 35 Lessons

Today is my 35th birthday. I am in a weird stage in my life where I am old to young people and young to old people. So in honor of my birthday I want to share some of the lessons I learned. 

1. Honor Thy Mother 

2. Honor Thy Father 

3. Honor Your Siblings

4. Honor Yourself 

5.  Be Grateful

6. You Don't Know Everything

7. Listen

8. Cherish Your Friendships

9. You Will Lose Friends

10. You Don't Owe Everyone an Explanation

11. Be Good to Yourself

12. Love Yourself

13. Say NO to toxic relationships

14. Say NO

15. Say YES sometimes

16. Life is lived offline

17.  Some conversations are NOT to be had online

18. You will owe money (mortgage, car note, student loans, etc).

19. You will remember a simpler time when you didn't owe anybody money

20. Go to the college that will let you go for free

21. Don't take out student loans if you don't have too

22. Learn to manage your money

23. Pay your bills

24. Pay your taxes 

25. Save money

26. Develop multiple streams of income 

27. Try new things

28. Use all your vacation days

29. Reading is fundamental 

30. Law & Order is just a good show!

31. Moisturize Your Skin

32. Wear Sunscreen (You can still get skin cancer even though you black...lol!)

33. Don't waste water (People in Flint still don't have clean drinking water)

34. Drink water 

35. Today is good day to mind your business

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