Congratulations! Class of 2018!

Graduation 2018.jpg

Congratulations Class of 2018! You made it and did the damn thing before you enter the next stage of your life take some time and enjoy your accomplishment.  Graduation season is one of my favorite times of the year because as a member of the African American community I understand the struggle.  

Historically, getting an education has been a hard obstacle for many of us in our community.  This season I have read several stories about African Americans who have graduated despite the odds. The stories are inspiring because they range from a mother who lost her husband and managed to graduate while raising five children or the young man who grew up in homeless shelters getting a full scholarship to attend Harvard University.  

I like reading stories like this you never know how these stories can inspire other people who are going through similar situations. You must understand that you can overcome any obstacle.  It might take you longer to reach your goal but know that you can achieve your goal.  To the class of 2018 onward and upward. You got this!